Shared Inbox (Ticketing System)

Organize your departments inbox

Knowledge Base

Share guides and product info

Contacts (Leads)

Follow up your leads and contacts

Smart Reports

Analyze your organization activities



Create technical user-guides


Internal Knowledge Base

Share your product info with the team

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Shared Inbox, Ticketing System, Knowledge Base and Contacts

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Shared inbox
Ticketing System

Organize your corporate inbox by departments and type of issues/ inquiries you receive from your customers and leads.

Knowledge Base

Increase customer satisfaction

and reduce support volume by enabling 24 7, 365 days year

self - serve knowledge base.

Contacts/ Leads

All your leads and contacts will be organized at the most convenient way.

Follow up, close sales and upsale prospects.

Smart Analytics &
Valuable Customer Interaction Data

Improve customer experience and departments communication based on smart data:

conversations, resolved issues per day, tags, trends and team leaderboard.


WOW your customers 24 7, 365 days year

Our team knows how hard it is to satisfy each and
every customer,as everyone is so unique.

We are here to meet the requirements of your uniqueness.

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