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LabiDesk Tickets Dashboard LabiDesk Shared Inbox Conversation View

Shared Inbox / Ticketing System

Team inbox for emails & support tickets

Never lose a customer ticket request (inquiry) again!

At the start regular email inbox may be fine, but as the number of incoming emails, mailboxes and team members grows it will quickly become a burden to keep track of all customer inquiries.

Shared inbox (ticketing system) makes your life easier and customers happy from the day one! It's never too early and never too late to properly organize your company's help center through a ticketing system like LabiDesk. Where all helpdesk team members will have access to the same shared inbox dashboard with shared inbox folders and individual ones for each team member or department. Shared inbox folders are customizable per your preferences.

  • Your team will love it!
  • Your customers will give you 5 stars for handling their tickets promptly and professionally!

Setup your team's shared inbox now!

HelpDesk Mailboxes Menu HelpDesk Add Support Email


Add your mailboxes or create one with LabiDesk

LabiDesk helpdesk software gives you an option to add multiple mailboxes for your shared inbox team members or group emails like: support@ help@ legal@ etc. This way you can setup your shared inbox and have multiple emails delivered to one convenient and user friendly dashboard.

Each department can have their own shared mailbox, as well as each helpdesk team member will be assigned an individual email to where you can forward corporate emails from your email provider (gmail, outlook, zoho etc). You can use LabiDesk mail server or use SMTP. Shared inbox made really simple with LabiDesk ticketing system.

  • No more hassle and confusion, all your emails, tickets from customers will be grouped according to your team organization.
  • LabiDesk mailboxes and shared inbox ticketing system was designed for small and big teams. You can start small and scale to a big company with multiple inboxes, mailboxes and departments. LabiDesk helpdesk shared inbox is at your service.
HelpDesk macros and canned responses HelpDesk apply canned response to a ticket

Macros / Canned Responses

Reply instantly & in the same style

  • LabiDesk Macros or also known as canned responses help your team establish flawless communication with the customers. Not only your helpdesk team or support agents will be able to apply the correct reply to the email (ticket) in a matter of seconds. But they will also deliver the same style of communication across multiple departments and emails.
  • Customers tend to send multiple requests and questions, even when they already have submitted a ticket earlier. LabiDesk macros (canned responses) allow for all agents to reply in the same manner, professionally and fast. Which is especially crucial when you have quite a backlog of unread emails or open tickets.
Choose HelpDesk Departments Add Departments to your helpdesk


Tag, assign, escalate tickets among the team

We can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to have a ticket delivered to the correct department from the start. Having a ticket (email) routed to the wrong department can cost you a customer. Cause a customer's negative experience due to the delay in resolution. Or at worst a refund or cancelled account.

To avoid that you can create departments and folders where specific types of requests will go to. You can set it on the level of customer ticket submission where they will be asked which department they want to address. On your side each department will have their shared inbox/ tickets folder, from where they can further assign tickets (emails) among their department members or re-assign and escalate to another department if necessary.

Custom Email Signature For your Team


Professional signatures for email correspondence

Automatic signatures that apply when your helpdesk team member replying to a ticket. Each helpdesk team member can have their own signature, with their own name, email, phone number, avatar and their role in the company.

  • Manage all your company signatures for all users and emails that you are using from one place.
  • Enable brand consistent signatures with LabiDesk email signature editor.
  • No more wasting time on copy and pasting different signatures. Tickets will be automatically stamped with the signature based on who is replying to a ticket, which department, agent or team member.
  • Signatures helps your company look professional when replying to emails. Make your signatures interactive, add links to social accounts or even surveys.
HelpDesk List of Leads and Customers HelpDesk Customer Details

Mini CRM (Contacts)

All your leads and customers data in one place

  • It is imperative to be able to pull up information about a customer before handling their inquiry or issue. Agents or helpdesk team members need to be able to check a customer prior tickets (requests). To check if there are any specificities that an agent or helpdesk team member need to be aware of before handling their request. It could be a certain tier of a customer, tag, note from other agents or departments.

LabiDesk helpdesk mini CRM is a list of all customers and a detailed customer view where your team members will be able to see all the information. How many web sessions they had, which pages they visited, how many tickets they submitted, chats, notes, contact details, customer name, location and more.

LabiDesk helpdesk mini CRM gives you all customer relationship data that you or your team members may need in order to provide exceptional and personalized support.

HelpDesk Set SLA Targets HelpDesk Service Level Agreements Settings

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Set standards of performance for your team

Service level agreements are defined and set by your company. SLA - timeframe standards of responding and resolving customer issues. Without SLA it will be hard to deliver great customer service to your customers. Assisting your customers and providing support based on service level agreements ensures that all helpdesk team members are on the same page and follow the same rules.

  • You can adjust SLA service targets and monitor your service level overall performance and per agent or helpdesk team member. So you can easily spot who underperformed and who overperforms when dealing with customer inquiries and issues. And this will help lead into the right direction and higher LTV and MAU.

LabiDesk helpdesk solution comes equipped with these settings to ensure success of your customer service performance.

HelpDesk Ticket Customer Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

SCAT Scores for every ticket, message or chat!

  • As it is crucial to measure performance of your team through SLA standards. However, it is also important to evaluate each interaction with customers through a simple and effective survey. Where you ask customers to provide feedback on their interaction with your helpdesk team member or support agent. By simply asking whether their issue has been resolved. Whether the support agent was helpful and asking them to rate chat or ticket on a scale from one to five.
  • This is the basics, which gives you understanding if customers are satisfied with your product or service. We all build products and provide services for the customers, so their feedback is crucial in evaluating your company performance and overall customer satisfaction score. All this data is accumulated in the easy to understand helpdesk analytics.
HelpDesk Automation Rules LabiDesk HelpDesk Agents

Automation Rules

Manage & assign tickets automatically

What ticket automation rules are good for? Shared inbox with automations makes your team handle tickets with utmost precision and saves you a great deal of time understanding to whom the ticket should be assigned to.

Automation can perform various actions depending on the tier of the customers, when they contacted you, which department, what time and with what subject.

  • Tickets will be automatically distributed in your shared inbox among your helpdesk team members.
  • Automation rules can auto set status of the tickets, send reminders, assign tickets and prioritize them.

LabiDesk helpdesk solution with automation rules for your shared inbox will make your team handle tickets like a guru and drive customer satisfaction to the tops.

LabiDesk HelpDesk Auto Responders

Auto - Responders

Manage automatic replies to tickets

Auto responders are very basic settings that many companies often neglect or forget to implement. What auto responders are good for? If you are a solo founder or have a small team you can’t reply to your customers instantly. Or when your shared inbox is drowning with unanswered customer emails and it goes on for hours and in some worst case scenarios for days. You don’t want to keep your customers on hold waiting until you get back to them.

To solve this you can set auto responders to let your customer know that their request is received and they should expect a reply within a certain period of time. And even better you can send them an auto reply with suggested help articles which based on the subject of their inquiry should help answer their question.

Omnichannel Сustomer Support HelpDesk

Omnichannel Support / Communication

  • Facebook Shared Inbox
  • Twitter Shared Inbox
  • Instagram Shared Inbox
  • Whatsapp Shared Inbox
  • SMS Inbox

Does your team use more than one channel of communication with customers and leads? No problem! Organize all your channels in one beautiful shared inbox solution - LabiDesk. You can seamlessly integrate LabiDesk shared inbox with Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram to create a team inbox for your social media accounts. Easily collaborate with your helpdesk team members and reply to your customers from well organized inbox. Add notes to the tickets, set auto replies, assign tickets, tag shared inbox team members in the conversations.

LabiDesk shared inbox for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram helps your team resolve customers issues on time, without delays and confusions. It is all about making your customers happy with your product or service and LabiDesk team inbox is here to help with that.

HelpDesk Knowledge base Software

Knowledge Base

Build knowledge base & help center with LabiKnow

How many times different customers submit tickets with exactly the same questions and requests? We already know the answer - most of them are similar or repetitive!

LabiDesk helpdesk software and shared inbox comes with a customizable knowledge base powered by LabiKnow. With LabiKnow you can create your personal help center portal for your customers, add help articles, product announcements and a public roadmap.

Create a knowledge base help articles with answers to the most frequently asked questions, product tutorials and guides. Before submitting a ticket, customers will be prompted to go through a suggested help articles based on the a subject of their ticket.

This can significantly reduce the number of repetitive incoming requests, by up to 80%. And you can use this knowledge base in your LabiDesk shared inbox to handle your customer tickets and even send them auto replies with suggested help articles.

LabiDesk Live Chat powered by LabiChat


Add chat support with LabiChat

Live Chat has become one of the most essential channels of communication between companies and customers. Live chat is one of the must haves. LabiDesk helpdesk solution and shared inbox comes with a Live Chat app powered by LabiChat.

  • LabiChat Live Chat solution enables companies to provide their customers with instant, real time customer support.
  • Interact, assist, engage, sell to your customers online.
  • Create chatbots, triggers and campaigns for various customer actions, page visits, their tier, abandoned shopping cart and more.

Equip your LabiDesk help desk solution with a shared inbox which includes live chat business messenger.

HelpDesk Community Forum

Community Forum

Create community of your product backers (supporters)

It is no brainer that communities are the driving force of every brand, product or service.

LabiDesk helpdesk customer service software is not just a shared inbox for teams. It's a full fledged customer help center with numerous tools to help assist customers, engage them with your product or service and sell to them organically.

LabiDesk helpdesk customer service software comes with your own community portal, forum where your product or service backers can share their experience, ask each other to help them understand how this or that part of product or service works.

Forum helps organize your brand ambassadors in one place and have them help you onboard newcomers and turn leads into devoted customers.

HelpDesk Ticket Analytics HelpDesk Tickets and Agents Performance Reports

Reports & Analytics

Tickets solved, average time response and more..

Gathering all information about your team email replies. Time it takes them to respond to new inquiry, time it takes to resolve a ticket in your helpdesk. Shared inbox is not just convenient, shared inbox helps all your team members to be on the same page and act as one. Sky rocket your performance, deliver outstanding customer support. Keep customer retention at the highest levels possible.

  • LabiDesk shared inbox, ticketing system reports and analytics will help you along the way to build a customer focuced company.
  • LabiDesk shared inbox for teams gives you superpowers to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
  • All the details presented to you in easy to understand charts and reports. Take advantage of them to become a number one product or service in your niche or market with №1 Helpdesk for customer service - LabiDesk.
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Everything works as i would expect but way cooler in many ways! It’s a great support app!

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125 companies started Free Trial last month

HelpDesk has become an integral part of every successful business. SMB and especially Enterprise can’t operate or scale without a well organized customer service process. Successful and happy customers equals successful and prosperous business.LabiDesk helpdesk customer service software has been built on these principles.

It is at the core of LabiDesk helpdesk to help SMB and enterprise to shine light on their customer department procedures. LabiDesk helpdesk is far beyond being just a shared inbox for teams. Our helpdesk solution was devised to help companies succeed by delivering exceptional customer service. To sky rocker retention rates and bring down the churn rates close to zero.

It's all about making your customers happy with your product or service and LabiDesk helpdesk software is here to help you with this untrivial assignment. LabiDesk helpdesk platform has been designed to incorporate all necessary tools that you may need from day one of your business venture launch. Shared inbox, mailboxes, live chat, knowledge base, help articles, online editor, help widget, announcements, public roadmap, leads tracking, customer tracking, mini crm, departments, signatures, auto responders, automation rules, macros and much, much more. As you can see LabiDesk helpdesk customer service software is uniquely designed to meet the needs of companies of different size and nature.

Search no further you found the perfect helpdesk software for your business. We are here to assist you 24/7 and ready to attune our helpdesk software to the very specifics of your business process. Whether you need some custom integration or a custom plan we are here to meet your standards and help you achieve great results Customer Support and Customer Service with our top notch helpdesk and shared inbox solution.